Getting Started

  1. Install AutoFilterer NuGet package.

    • Via CLI

      dotnet add package AutoFilterer
    • Package Reference

      <PackageReference Include="AutoFilterer" Version="2.*"/>


OPTIONAL: This step is not necessary to work with AutoFilterer but improves Swagger documentation.

  1. Install AutoFilterer.Swagger NuGet package into your Web project.

  2. Go your Startup and add following namespace using:

    using AutoFilterer.Swagger;
  3. Find AddSwaggerGen method in your Startup and add UseAutoFiltererParameters() method like following:

    services.AddSwaggerGen(c =>
        c.UseAutoFiltererParameters(); // <-- Add this here.
        // ...


AutoFilterer.Generators aims to generate filter objects from entities automatically via using dotnet source generators.

Visit documentation of Generators

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