AutoFilterer Generators

AutoFilterer.Generators aims to generate filter objects from entities automatically via using dotnet source generators.

WARNING: This feature is beta for now and might will have braking changes in future.


  • Install AutoFilterer.Generators from NuGet.

  • Find your Entity you want to create auto filter object for.

  • Add [GenerateAutoFilter] attribute over it:

    public class Book
      public string Title { get; set; }
      public int? Year { get; set; }
      public int TotalPage { get; set; }
      public DateTime PublishTime { get; set; }
  • You'll see BookFilter objects exists in your project. It's ready to use. Can be directly used as query parameter:

    public List<Book> GetList(BookFilter filter)
      return dbContext.Books

    In the decleration, BookFilter source code looks like:

    public partial class BookFilter : PaginationFilterBase
        public string Title { get; set; }
        public Range<int> Year { get; set; }
        public Range<int> TotalPage { get; set; }
        public Range<System.DateTime> PublishTime { get; set; }


Generators tries to create best filter object that fit your requirements.

  • So it uses a couple of mappings:
    • Numeric properties will be created as Range<T>
    • String properties will be created as string with [ToLowerContains] attribute
    • DateTime properties will be created as Range<DateTime>
    • Complex Types aren't supported yet.


Namespace can be customized with attribute parameter.

public class MyAwesomeEntity


All generated classes are partial and have virtual members. So you have 2 option to extend class:

  • Partial Class: A partial class can be created with same name in same namespace. So you can add more members in it.

    namespace My.SpecialNamespace.Filters
      public partial MyAwesomeEntityFilter
        // You can add new members. 
        public string ExtraParameter { get; set; }
        // Also you can create constructor.
        public MyAwesomeEntityFilter()
          // And set default values.
          SortBy = Sorting.Descending;
          PerPage = 36;
  • Inheritance: Custom filter classes can added which inherits from Auto Generated types to override members.

    public class AdvancedBookFilter : BookFilter
      [FromQuery(Name = "p")]
      public override int Page { get; set; }
      [FromQuery(Name = "size")]
      public override int PerPage { get; set; }
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