InputKit has options system to customize your controls from single point. Default values of controls can be set and it's much more performant against setting them in XAML page.


This is a simple options that define Accent color of controls.

Following properties can be configured.

  • GetAccentColor : Gets accent color of controls.

    InputKitOptions.GetAccentColor = () => Color.FromArgb("#1CD6CE");


This is a simple options that define default values of controls. Each control has its own GlobalSettings.

GlobalSettins is a static property o control and it can be accessed over a control. It should be configured while application initializing. (MauiProgram.cs or App.xaml.cs)

InputKit.Shared.Controls.CheckBox.GlobalSetting.Color = Colors.Blue;
InputKit.Shared.Controls.CheckBox.GlobalSetting.FontFamily = "Roboto";
InputKit.Shared.Controls.CheckBox.GlobalSetting.LabelPosition = LabelPosition.Before;
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