InputKit: Dropdown

Alternative picker with dropdown menu.

It's not supported on MAUI. (Xamarin Forms only)

InputKit maui dropdown xamarin forms


  • Placeholder: (string) Placehodler Text
  • Title: (string) Title will be shown top of this control
  • IconImage: (string) Icons of this Entry. Icon will be shown left of this - control
  • Color: (Color) Color of Icon Image. IconImage must be a PNG and have - Alpha channels. This fills all not-Alpha channels one color. Default is - Accent
  • ValidationMessage: (string) This is message automaticly displayed when - this is not validated. Use this one instead of annotationmessage
  • AnnotationColor: (Color) AnnotationMessage's color..
  • IsRequired: (bool) IValidation implementation. Same with IsAnnotated


There are 6 properties for coloring dropdown and they are confusing. There is explanation for color properties below;

  • Color : Simply defines, Icon and arrow color of dropdown. (Icon can be set by IconImage property)
  • TitleColor : Defines title of this control. (Title can be set by Title property)
  • AnnotationColor : Defines annotation color of this control. Annotation will be displayed when this field is required and unselected. This message can be set by 'ValidationMessage' property.
  • BorderColor : Defined borders of dropdown. If this is set as Color.Transparent, shadow will be removed too.
  • TextColor : Defines text color of dropdown when a value is selected.
  • PlaceholderColor : Defines text color of dropdown when no value selected. Default is WhiteSmoke.

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