InputKit: RadioButton

A radio button control that is useful, customizable, full-featured, fully-bindable and easy to use.

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maui radiobutton maui radio button

You can visit entire code of this sample from here

Supported Platforms

- MAUI Xamarin Forms
Windows v4.0+


Make sure you defined InputKit namespace in your XAML file.

MAUI xmlns:input="clr-namespace:InputKit.Shared.Controls;assembly=InputKit.Maui"
Xamarin Forms xmlns:input="clr-namespace:Plugin.InputKit.Shared.Controls;assembly=Plugin.InputKit"

Now you're ready to use it in your XAML page. RadioButtons should be grouped together in a RadioButtonGroupView. Otherwise, they will not work properly and each one will be independent.

    <input:RadioButton Text="Option 1" />
    <input:RadioButton Text="Option 2" />

maui radio button usage

Data Binding

All of the RadioButton properties are bindable.

  • IsChecked property can be used separately from the RadioButtonGroupView.
 <input:RadioButton Text="Option 1" IsChecked="{Binding IsOption1}" />
  • RadioButtonGroupView provides SelectedIndex and SelectedItem properties. You can use one of them to handle or change selected item.

    <input:RadioButtonGroupView SelectedIndex="{Binding SelectedIndex}" SelectedItem="{Binding SelectedItem}">
        <input:RadioButton Text="Option 1" Value="1" />
        <input:RadioButton Text="Option 2" Value="2" />
    • SelectedIndex: Gets or sets selected item by index.
    • SelectedItem: Gets or sets selected item by value. You should add Value to each RadioButton.
  • RadioButtonGroupView provides SelectedItemChangedCommand and SelectedItemChangedCommandParameter properties. You can use one of them to handle or change selected item.

    <input:RadioButtonGroupView SelectedItemChangedCommand="{Binding SelectedItemChangedCommand}" SelectedItemChangedCommandParameter="{Binding SelectedItemChangedCommandParameter}">
        <input:RadioButton Text="Option 1" Value="1" />
        <input:RadioButton Text="Option 2" Value="2" />
    • SelectedItemChangedCommand: Gets or sets command to execute when selected item is changed.
    • SelectedItemChangedCommandParameter: Gets or sets parameter to pass to command when selected item is changed. (By default it's selected item value.)

If you're looking for dynamic RadioButton list and want to get only selected item/items after selection. Check the SelectionView



RadioButton icon can be customized in two different ways. You can use predefined shapes or you can use custom shape. InputKit provides a collection of predefined shapes that can be used as an icon.

Check all Predefined Shapes for more info.

  • Predefined shapes can be used as parameter for SelectedIconGeomerty property.
<input:RadioButton Text="Option 1" SelectedIconGeomerty="{x:Static input:PredefinedShapes.CheckCircle}" />

inputkit maui radiobutton check circle

  • Custom shape can be used as parameter of SelectedIconGeomerty property. A plain SVG path can be used as an icon.
    Text="Option 5 with Custom Shape" 
    SelectedIconGeomerty="M 15.6038 7.1366 v 5.8061 c 0 0.8669 -0.8266 1.6934 -1.6934 1.6934 h -5.0803 c -1.0547 0 -1.9094 -0.1302 -2.903 -0.4838 c -0.3068 -0.1092 -1.2096 -0.4838 -1.2096 -0.4838 V 6.8947 l 3.9939 -4.6913 L 9.072 0.121 h 0.7258 c 0.804 0 1.3703 0.6415 1.3703 1.4456 v 0.4522 c 0 1.0321 -0.0622 2.0633 -0.1862 3.0879 L 10.9412 5.4432 H 13.9104 C 14.7773 5.4432 15.6038 6.2698 15.6038 7.1366 z M 0.121 14.3942 h 3.6288 V 6.169 H 0.121 V 14.3942 z"/>

inputkit maui radiobutton custom shape


You can customize RadioButton colors by setting Color, CircleColor and TextColor.

<input:RadioButton Text="Option 1" Color="Red" CircleColor="Orange" TextColor="Purple" />

inputkit maui radiobutton custom colors

Label Position

RadioButton supports two label positions:

  • Before - label is positioned before the control.
  • After - label is positioned after the control. (default)
    <input:RadioButton Text="Option 1 (After)" LabelPosition="After"/>
    <input:RadioButton Text="Option 2 (After)" LabelPosition="After"/>

    <input:RadioButton Text="Option 1 (Before)" LabelPosition="Before"/>
    <input:RadioButton Text="Option 2 (Before)" LabelPosition="Before"/>

inputkit maui radiobutton label position


** Work in progess... **:

  • Actions to override
  • VisualStates
  • Make your own animation (?)
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