InputKit: AdvancedEntry

AdvancedEntry is an upgraded version of regular entry. It includes a title, icon (colorable), validation and validation messages focusing next entry when done and more. It speeds up the development process. It's fully customizable and fully bindable.

InputKit advanced entry


  • Text: (string) Text of user typed
  • Title: (string) Title will be shown top of this control
  • IconImage: (string) Icons of this Entry. Icon will be shown left of this control
  • IconColor: (Color) Color of Icon Image. IconImage must be a PNG and have Alpha channels. This fills all - not-Alpha channels one color. Default is Accent
  • Placeholder: (string) Entry's placeholder.
  • MaxLength: (int) Text's Maximum length can user type.
  • MinLength: (int) Text's Minimum length to be validated.
  • AnnotationMessage: (string) This will be shown below title. This automaticly updating. If you set this - manually you must set true IgnoreValidationMessage !!! .
  • AnnotationColor: (Color) AnnotationMessage's color..
  • Annotation: (Enum) There is some annotation types inside in kit.
  • IsDisabled: (bool) Sets this control disabled or not.
  • IsAnnotated: (bool) Gets this control annotated or not. Depends on Annotation
  • IsRequired: (bool) IValidation implementation. Same with IsAnnotated
  • ValidationMessage: (string) This is message automaticly displayed when this is not validated. Use this - one instead of annotationmessage
  • IgnoreValidationMessage: (bool) Ignores automaticly shown ValidationMessage and you can use - AnnotationMessage as custom.
  • CompletedCommand: (ICommand) Executed when completed.

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