Getting Started

Uranium UI is a UI framework for .NET MAUI. It is built on top of the .NET MAUI infrastructure and provides a set of controls and layouts to build modern UIs. It also provides infrastructure for building custom controls and themes on it.

There are 2 ways to get started with Uranium UI:

  • Existing Projects
  • New projects

New Projects

Uranium UI provides a project template to start a new project with Uranium UI. You can customize the startup project with parameters like icon library, theme, and more.

  • Install latest templates from NuGet:

    dotnet new install UraniumUI.Templates
  • Create a new project:

    dotnet new uraniumui-app -n MyProject

Visual Studio

Also, templates has implementation that allows to create a new project from Visual Studio.

Uranium UI Visual Studio


  • icons: Defines icon library to use. Default is MaterialIcons. Available values are FontAwesome, MaterialIcons, and None.

    Example: dotnet new uraniumui -n MyProject -icons FontAwesome

Existing Projects

  • Install the UraniumUI.Material NuGet package to your MAUI application.

    dotnet add package UraniumUI.Material

    Uranium UI doesn't include any theme by default. Pick one of the themes and install it. Since there is only one theme for now, you can install UraniumUI.Material directly instead of installing both UraniumUI and UraniumUI.Material.

  • Go to MauiProgram.cs and add UraniumUI Handlers

    .UseUraniumUIMaterial() // 👈 Don't forget these two lines.
  • Go to App.xaml and add ColorResource & StyleResource of Material

    • Define following xml namespace: xmlns:material="
    • Then define ColorResource and StyleResource into MergedDictionaries
          <ResourceDictionary x:Name="appColors" Source="Resources/Styles/Colors.xaml" />
          <ResourceDictionary x:Name="appStyles" Source="Resources/Styles/Styles.xaml" />
          <material:StyleResource ColorsOverride="{x:Reference appColors}" BasedOn="{x:Reference appStyles}" />

      You can use your styles to override UraniumUI Material styles with following snippet. Check Colors & Styles Docuementation for more detailed customization.

      <ResourceDictionary x:Name="appColors" Source="Resources/Styles/Colors.xaml" />
      <material:StyleResource ColorsOverride="{x:Reference appColors}">
             <ResourceDictionary x:Name="appStyles" Source="Resources/Styles/Styles.xaml" />
  • (Optional) Installing a font icon library is recommended. Choose one of the icons and install it.

Themes available

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