Uranium UI Data Annotations

Uranium UI provides a wrapper for the DataAnnotations validation. It's a simple wrapper that allows you to use the DataAnnotations validation with the FormView. It allows you to define the validation rules in the view model class with System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations attributes.

Getting Started

DataAnnotations attributes aren't provided by default. To use the DataAnnotations validation, you need to install the UraniumUI.Validations.DataAnnotations NuGet package.

dotnet add package UraniumUI.Validations.DataAnnotations


With the simple Binding method, controls can't know the validation rules. You need to use the ValidationBinding method to bind the control with the validation rules.

  • Add xmlns for the UraniumUI.Validations namespace.

  • Use the v:ValidationBinding method to bind the control with the validation rules.

          <material:TextField Text="{v:ValidationBinding Email}" />
            <!-- ... -->

    If you're not familiar with the FormView, you can check the FormView documentation first to get more information about it.

  • Add the System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations attributes to the view model class.

    public string Email { get; set; }

    You can check the DataAnnotations documentation to learn more about the attributes.

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