The RadioButton component is used to select a single option from a set of options. UraniumU UI uses InputKit CheckBox instead of MAUI one. It is because InputKit CheckBox is more customizable and already has a Material theme.

MAUI Material Design Radio Button


You can visit InputKit CheckBox Documentation to see features. UraniumUI applies only visual changes on it.


CheckBox is defined in UraniumUI.Material.Controls namespace. You can use it like this:

<StackLayout MaximumWidthRequest="400" Margin="20">

        <material:RadioButton Text="Option 1" />
        <material:RadioButton Text="Option 2" />
        <material:RadioButton Text="Option 3 (Disabled)" IsDisabled="True" />
        <material:RadioButton Text="Option 4 (Disabled)" IsDisabled="True" IsChecked="True" />

    <BoxView StyleClass="Divider" />

        <material:RadioButton Text="Option 1" LabelPosition="Before" />
        <material:RadioButton Text="Option 2" LabelPosition="Before" />
        <material:RadioButton Text="Option 3 (Disabled)" IsDisabled="True" LabelPosition="Before" />
        <material:RadioButton Text="Option 4 (Disabled)" IsDisabled="True" IsChecked="True" LabelPosition="Before" />

    <BoxView StyleClass="Divider" />

        <material:RadioButton Text="Check Radio Button 1" StyleClass="CheckRadioButton" IsChecked="True"/>
        <material:RadioButton Text="Check Radio Button 1" StyleClass="CheckRadioButton" />
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MAUI Material Design RadioButton MAUI Material Design RadioButton
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