CheckBox is a control that allows the user to choose a boolean value. UraniumU UI uses InputKit CheckBox instead of MAUI one. It is because InputKit CheckBox is more customizable and already has a Material theme.

MAUI Material Design CheckBox


You can visit InputKit CheckBox Documentation to see features. UraniumUI applies only visual changes on it.


RadioButtons should be grouped together in a RadioButtonGroupView. Otherwise, they will not work properly and each one will be independent.

RadioButton is defined in UraniumUI.Material.Controls namespace. You can use it like this:

<StackLayout MaximumWidthRequest="400">
    <material:CheckBox Text="Option 1" />
    <material:CheckBox Text="Option 2" IsChecked="True" />
    <material:CheckBox Text="Option 3 (Disabled)" IsDisabled="True" />
    <material:CheckBox Text="Option 4 (Disabled)" IsDisabled="True" IsChecked="True" />

    <BoxView />

    <material:CheckBox Text="Option 1" LabelPosition="Before" />
    <material:CheckBox Text="Option 2" LabelPosition="Before" IsChecked="True" />
    <material:CheckBox Text="Option 3 (Disabled)" IsDisabled="True" LabelPosition="Before" />
    <material:CheckBox Text="Option 4 (Disabled)" IsDisabled="True" IsChecked="True" LabelPosition="Before" />

And result will be like this:

Dark - Desktop Light - Mobile
MAUI Material Design CheckBox MAUI Material Design CheckBox
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