Uranium UI provies a set of style classes to help you style your application. You can use these classes to style your application in a consistent way. Containers are layouts that has a specific background and they modifies elements inside them. If background of a container is a dark color, texts inside it will be a light color and vice versa.

Container classes can be defined any type of View, but they are mostly used with *Layout and Frame.


You should pass a proper container class as StyleClass property of a View.

Valid container classes are:

  • PrimaryContainer
  • SecondaryContainer
  • TertiaryContainer
  • ErrorContainer
<Frame StyleClass="PrimaryContainer">
    <Label Text="Hello, World!" />

Uranium UI Simple Container

List of all containers:

<StackLayout StyleClass="PrimaryContainer" Padding="10">
    <Label Text="Hello from primary container" />

<StackLayout StyleClass="SecondaryContainer" Padding="10">
    <Label Text="Hello from secondary container" />

<StackLayout StyleClass="TertiaryContainer" Padding="10">
    <Label Text="Hello from tertiary container" />

<StackLayout StyleClass="ErrorContainer" Padding="10">
    <Label Text="Hello from error container" />
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