Migration Guide to v2.3

Version 2.3 comes with some changes. You should follow this docuemnt to migrate your code to the new version properly.


UraniumUI has a couple of changes in this version. Applying following changes to your code will make it compatible with UraniumUI v2.3.

Following changes are applied to the following controls:


Dialogs Implementation has been changed. Dialogs implementation is now separated from the core UraniumUI assembly to 2 new assemblies. You should choose one of UraniumUI.Dialogs.CommunityToolkit or UraniumUI.Dialogs.Mopups implementations in your project to show dialogs.

  • You should use IDialogService to show dialogs via injecting it after registering it in your DI container for newer versions of UraniumUI (v2.3+).

Follow the dialogs documentation to learn more about installation and usage.


AutoCompleteView has been moved to UraniumUI.Controls namesppace in UraniumUI assembly from UraniumUI.Material assembly.

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